Tool Tray

  • Easily unlatched
  • One easy upward motion
  • Holds up to 35 lbs

Bench Mate

  • Supports accessories
  • Simple twist & lock action
  • Handy adapter

Accomplish so much more!

Folding TOOL TRAY with BENCHMATE adaptor opens with one easy upward motion, latches in place, and holds up to 35 lbs. For hardware, hand tools, paint bucket, odds & ends, and coffee cup. It is easily unlatched and folded,raised and lowered, or removed for convenience.

BENCH MATE is quickly locked to bench top to receive TOOL TRAY or PIPE CLAMP ADAPTOR.

COMING SOON: 1″ pipe clamp adaptor for BENCH MATE.

Get BENCH MATE and start building your BENCH: