Different Ways to Use the Kwik Bench

In our 28 years of yacht rehabilitation and repair, Island Marine Inc. has invested in many types of equipment. The 15 Kwik Benches we use are one of our best investments. The versatility and robust construction make the Kwik Bench one of the most often utilized tools by our crew. Whether our work is outside or inside the vessels, the Kwik Benches provide an ideal work platform.

Island Marine Inc. Puerto Rico -- Ken Towne, pres.


Whether you are nailing the top plates, insulating the walls or ceiling, putting on siding, caulking the windows, or drilling holes for wiring; the Kwik Bench is almost a must around the construction site.

Paper Hanging

The step-up and step-down convenience of the Kwik Bench is ideal for wall preparation and applying the pasted covering to the wall or ceiling. The legs can be shortened or extended as required to permit stairway or uneven floor use. The Kwik Bench is a must for paper hanging.


The Kwik Bench is a natural for carpentry work. Whether you are installing crown molding, trimming doors or windows, nailing fascia, or hanging cabinets, the Kwik Bench will be a tremendous time and energy saver, and several of them can be carried to the job site in the trunk of your car. Also, an optional patented fast-attach Saw Plate Accessory which flush mounts to the bottom of all major brand miter and slide compound power saws makes it practical to quickly and securely mount the saw to the bench top thus providing an elevated saw table for cutting dimension lumber or intricate trim. The saw can be detached with a simple twist of the wrist and the Kwik Bench used for other needs.


For hanging blinds, drapes, curtains, fixtures, pictures, etc., the Kwik Bench gets you to the job and provides a stable platform for walking back and forth and getting up and down.

Auto Body Repair

For auto body and paint repair there is no substitute for the Kwik Bench. The easy step up and step down convenience makes it easy to get to all locations on the vehicle with the tool required. And the unsurpassed stability of the Kwik Bench provides a platform from which one can get the necessary leverage to do the required body repair. An auto body repairman can place 2 or more benches end to end to cover an entire side for metal pulling, shaping, grinding, filling, sanding, or painting.

For the Recreational Vehicle

The Kwik Bench is very handy to have in your RV. It is great for cleaning the windows and washing the vehicle. Remember it gets you up 30″ and folds in only 3″ wide space. It also makes additional outside seating around a picnic table or campfire, and can serve as a work bench for those RV odd jobs.


The Kwik Bench is unsurpassed for hanging sheetrock and taping the ceilings in hard to get to places such as closets, alcoves, over bathtubs, showers, and stairways. When one is required to be continually getting up and down, the easy access step-up convenience of the Kwik Bench can’t be beat.


Whether you are brushing, rolling, spraying, or masking, the Kwik Bench is ideal for getting you up to the work and reaching those hard to get to places. On the inside or outside, whether in the closet or around the cabinets, next to the tub or over the stairs, the Kwik Bench is great for preparing and painting around the house or professionally. And it folds to only 3″ thick and stores in the smallest closet or behind a door.


The Kwik Bench is a stable platform that lets you step up and down and back and forth so that you can effectively attach upper cabinets to the wall.

Around the House

For step up convenience in or around the home or office, to clean the cabinets, paint the fascia, hang wall paper, trim small trees, wash the windows, hang mini blinds and other window coverings, or change light bulbs the Kwik Bench has 101 uses. The Kwik Bench can be stored in a broom closet, under a bed, or behind a door.

Paintless Dent Repair

The Kwik Bench is an absolute and unsurpassed must for effective paintless dent repair. For paintless dent repair there is no substitute.

For the Airplane

Whether you are working on the airplane engine, checking the fuel level, or ailerons on a high wing aircraft, or the hinges on the rudder, the Kwik Bench is real handy to have in the hanger, and if you are a fixed base operator or professional aircraft mechanic the Kwik Bench really earns its keep with its many uses and versatility.